Press Advisory, Oct. 12, 2012- Strong, Wright & John Doe Cases

We are creating high profile case pages to post all future filings, orders and schedules entered as of today (October 12, 2012 ) in the Wright, Strong and John Doe cases. You will find these pages at:

Click on High Profile case button on the left hand side of the page to access the case pages. My expectation is that the pages will be up by the close of business today, and any orders issued by COB will be posted.

The Maine Judicial Branch has set up this web page for posting of information in high profile cases. We have prepared these pages to assure full access to the media and the public without compromising the litigants' right to a full and fair trial. It is our goal to accommodate the media and the public to the best of our abilities. All public documents (documents that are non-confidential and not sealed) will be available on this website, and will not be provided by the clerk's office, except to law enforcement or other government agencies. Please check this web page often for updates and documents related to the case.

Please e-mail Mary Ann Lynch at or call 207-592-5940 if you have any questions.