Cumberland County Clerk Recognized By Maine Trial Judges

October 24, 2011

Justice Nancy Mills of the Cumberland County Superior Court today announced that Sally Bourget, Clerk of the Cumberland Consolidated Courts, is the recipient of the 2011 McKusick Award.

The McKusick Award was created to recognize a person who has contributed substantially to the administration of justice and the delivery of judicial services to the people of Maine. The recipient does not have to work for the court system and does not have to be a judge. Past recipients include Judge Alan Pease, University of Maine School of Law Dean Kinvin Wroth, Justice William Brodrick, Justice Susan Calkins, Justice Thomas E. Delahanty, Clerk Lucille Lepitre, Judge Kermit Lipez, Clerk Thelma Holmes, Federal Maritime Commissioner and former Governor Joseph Brennan, Justice Robert W. Clifford, Assistant Attorney General Charles Leadbetter, Justice Nancy Mills, Justice Roland Cole, Judge Frank Coffin,Assistant Attorney General. Fernand LaRochelle, Attorney Charles A. Harvey, Jr., Attorney Susan Kominsky, and Judge Andre Janelle.

Nominations for the award are made by judges and magistrates. The McKusick Award Committee, comprised of judges and magistrates, selects the recipient from the nominations.

The award was presented to Ms. Bourget in Bangor Wednesday evening, October 19. Sally's son, two daughters, and son-in-law joined Sally for this special occasion. Former Chief Justice Vincent McKusick, for whom the award is named, and his wife and nearly 70 federal and state judges, magistrates, spouses, attended the award ceremony to honor Sally.

In conferring the award on Sally, Justice Mills said: “Sally's management skills, work ethic, good humor, and sense of fairness have earned for her the respect of the judges and magistrates and all members of the Judicial Branch family she works with.”