Supreme Judicial Court Announces Judicial Branch's Career Performance Award for 2008

January 7, 2009

Sandra Lewis, of West Gardiner, is the recipient of the Judicial Branch Career Performance Award. The award was presented by Chief Justice Leigh I. Saufley, of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, at a December 19 employee recognition program held at the Judicial Center in Augusta, where Ms. Lewis works.

The award is given annually to that person or persons who consistently contribute(s) above and beyond expected job responsibilities to further the Judicial Branch mission.

Sandra Lewis, a 25-year Judicial Branch employee, is a secretary at the Maine Judicial Center. Chief Justice Saufley said, “While Sandra works closely with District Court Chief Judge Ann Murray and Deputy Chief LaVerdiere, she helps everyone who passes through the Judicial Center. She is the ‘go to’ person at the Judicial Center. There is not a function or a problem that Sandra can’t handle, even on short notice.”

Chief Justice Saufley also spoke about Sandra’s many years working with the late Judge Court Perry at the Augusta District Court. Judge Perry was a brilliant jurist, but his blindness meant that he had to rely on someone with exceptional skills who could ensure that the judge had everything he needed to carry out his judicial responsibilities. Sandra was that exceptionally skilled person for many years.

Sandra has consistently gone beyond the requirements and expectations of her job throughout her long tenure with the courts and for that we are grateful.”