Guide to Small Claims Proceedings in the District Court - Where to File the Case

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You can file a small claim in the division (i.e., local court) of the District Court:

  1. where the basis for the lawsuit arose (e.g., the location of an accident);
  2. where the defendant resides;
  3. where the defendant has a place of business; or
  4. if the defendant is a business entity, where the registered agent of the business resides. Maine District Court locations.

The Bureau of Corporations in the Office of the Secretary of State in Augusta (207-624-7752) can provide information about the name and address of the registered agent of a corporation.

If the case is filed in the wrong court, either the plaintiff or defendant may ask to have the case transferred to the correct court. If the case is brought in the wrong court and the parties do not agree to transfer it to the proper court, it is possible that the court may dismiss the case.

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