Guide to Small Claims Proceedings in the District Court - Beginning the Suit

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A small claims Statement of Claim form SC-001 (PDF) can be downloaded from this site. This form can also be obtained at any District Court clerk's office. The clerk may be able to direct you to resources that can assist you in completing the form, but the clerk cannot provide any legal advice.

You should complete the Statement of Claim form by providing:

  • the exact name and address of the defendant. If you are filing against a business, you need to know if the business is incorporated. To determine this, call the Secretary of State, Bureau of Corporations in Augusta at 207-624-7752. If it is a corporation, you will need to list the correct corporate name as well as the name and address of the corporate clerk. If the business is not incorporated, you need to file against the owner "doing business as" (d/b/a), then list the name of the business.
  • a brief statement of the claim (that is, the nature of the dispute - what caused the dispute, when the dispute occurred, etc.) including the relevant dates;
  • the relief that is sought (that is, the amount of money that is owed by the defendant or whatever action you are requesting from the defendant);
  • if there is a bill, contract, receipt, or other written record relating to the dispute, a copy may be attached to the statement of claim form.

After you have completed the Statement of Claim, make two photocopies of the Statement and any attachments, one to "serve" on the defendant and one for your records.

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