Maine Family Treatment Drug Court

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The Family Treatment Drug Courts focus on the safety and welfare of children while expanding services to families with substance abuse.

The Family Treatment Drug Court (FTDC) is a special Court docket located in the Maine District Courts that works with those families whose children have been at risk of abuse or neglect due to parental abuse of drugs or alcohol.

The goals of the Family Treatment Drug Courts

  • To establish a permanent home for the child in a timely fashion while providing comprehensive and intensive substance abuse treatment, case management, and other services.
  • To help substance-abusing parents to stop using drugs and alcohol, receive appropriate treatment, and make positive changes in their lives and the lives of their child.
  • To help parents function better in their families and communities, and be less likely to have future involvement with the Courts and the child welfare system.

Important Points to Consider

  • The program is voluntary. A parent cannot be forced to participate.
  • Positive involvement in the Court may increase the chance of reunification, and demonstrates progress in the protective custody case. However, successful completion does not guarantee reunification between the parent and the child.

How do Family Treatment Drug Courts work?

  • The FTDC combines accountability with improved access to treatment services. The judge and the Court team meet every other week with parents in the Drug Court program to discuss progress and make improvements to their services plan.
  • Depending on how rapidly a parent progresses, she or he may be in the program for 11 to 15 months before graduation.
  • Parents who participate have to meet with the FTDC case manager and have random drug testing.
  • The FTDC works with local resources and the community at large to address substance abuse problems.
  • The Court team works with parents to achieve:
    • Increased visitations with their children
    • Abstinence and recovery from substance abuse
    • Improved physical and mental health
    • Improved housing and employment status
    • Reunification with children

How are parents referred to Family Treatment Drug Court?

The FTDC serves families with open child protective cases. Referral can begin when a petition is filed by Department of Health and Human Services with the Court. Once a parent is referred, her or she is then referred by the Drug Court case manager for a substance abuse assessment at a local agency.  This assessment is paid for by the State of Maine.  The parent must have a serious substance abuse problem to be eligible.

The judge can order a parent to attend an information session with the FTDC case manager. The parent, parent's attorney, Guardian ad Litem, assistant attorney general, or DHHS caseworker can also refer parents. Referrals should be directed towards the respective FTDC case managers.  Their contact information is below. 

The Family Drug Court Team

  • Judge
  • Case manager
  • Department of Health and Human Services caseworker & casework  supervisor
  • Local treatment providers

For more information please contact:

  • Lewiston Family Treatment Drug Court:  786-4851
  • Augusta Family Treatment Drug Court:  623-9677
  • Bangor Family Treatment Drug Court:  945-4807
  • Or, the Coordinator of Specialty Dockets and Grants at the Administrative Office of the Courts (207) 592-3493