Mental Health (Involuntary Commitments)

Involuntary Commitment is a process by which a person can be admitted to a psychiatric hospital (or psychiatric unit within a general hospital) against his or her will.

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services Office of Adult Mental Health Services has developed Frequently Asked Questions about the Rights and Legal Issues of the involuntarily committed.

The following is a link to that information:

The following is a link to the Involuntary Commitment statute:

The Disability Rights Center (DRC) has developed the Involuntary Hospitalization and Outpatient Services Laws manual. This manual is a simple guide through the involuntary hospitalization process and the involuntary outpatient services laws. This manual has been prepared as a public service. It is not intended as legal advice. The manual can be accessed here:

The involuntary hospitalization process can also lead to an order for involuntary treatment. Involuntary treatment is generally treatment with medications, even when the patient does not want to take those medications. A guide to this process is included in the DRC manual on involuntary hospitalization.

Other Useful Links:

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