Judicial Branch Courthouse Advisory Committee

Courthouse Advisory Committee Charter and Roster (PDF)

Type: Standing Advisory Committee
Established: September 10, 2008
Chair: Chief Justice or designee

I. Purpose:
The Judicial Branch Courthouse Advisory Committee is hereby established to build on the work of the Infrastructure Advisory Committee as a tri-branch working group to study the facilities within which the court system operates and to make recommendations concerning maintenance, renovation, upgrade and possible closures of courthouses to all three branches of State government.

The Advisory Committee will:

  1. Review information about the facilities and the related budgeting issues;
  2. Identify barriers which prevent safe and accessible availability of justice, including, but not limited to, circumstances of disrepair, inadequacy of secure space, and ADA issues;
  3. Develop joint solutions to remove fiscal and physical barriers, including methods for funding renovations, maintenance, and space acquisition;
  4. Assess current courthouse locations and make recommendations for change consistent with facilitating court operations and functioning within operating budgets; and
  5. Provide input to assist in establishing priorities for future renovations and construction projects.

II. Goals:

It is expected that the Advisory Committee will:

  1. Develop proposals regarding the future course of the relationship between the State and Counties with regard to court facilities in county owned buildings, particularly with respect to responsibilities of the entities pursuant to 4 M.R.S.A. § 115;
  2. Develop a budgeting plan that will allow the Judicial Branch to provide safe and accessible justice within the court facilities of the State of Maine; and
  3. Make recommendations for setting priorities regarding new construction, renovations, or possible closings of court buildings.

III. Authority:

The Advisory Committee may seek input, suggestions, and recommendations from individuals and groups within and outside the Judicial Branch. The Advisory Committee may propose recommendations generally and those in the form of specific plans for individual facilities, alternative funding structures, and proposed legislation.

The Advisory Committee may invite consultants to the meetings as needed.

The Chair may, in his or her discretion, establish subgroups to study designated issues and report recommendations for consideration by the Advisory Committee as a whole.

There is no funding authorized for the work of the Advisory Committee.

IV. Membership:

The membership in the Advisory Committee shall consist of members from the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches of Maine State Government, members of County or Municipal government, and representatives of stakeholder interests. The specific names shall be listed in a separate membership roster. Members will serve three-year terms, renewable at the discretion of the Chief Justice.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court, or designee, will serve as Chair.

V. Meetings:

The Advisory Committee shall meet as often as is necessary to complete its responsibilities. The Chair shall, in consultation with the members, schedule the meetings of the Advisory Committee.

VI. Reporting:

The Advisory Committee shall submit a report containing recommendations to ensure that courthouses are safe and accessible and specific plans for the achievement of those recommendations to the Supreme Judicial Court.

Dated: October 7, 2008

Approved by: /s/ Leigh I. Saufley Chief Justice, Maine Supreme Judicial Court

Judicial Branch Courthouse Advisory Committee Roster

The Honorable Leigh I. Saufley (Chair)
Chief Justice, Maine Supreme Judicial Court
205 Newbury Street, Room 139
Portland, Maine 04101-4125

The Honorable Robert W. Clifford
Maine Supreme Judicial Court
P.O. Box 3488
Auburn, Maine 04212-3488

The Honorable Warren M. Silver
Maine Supreme Judicial Court
Penobscot County Courthouse
97 Hammond Street
Bangor, Maine 04401-4913

James T. Glessner, State Court Administrator
Administrative Office of the Courts
P.O. Box 4820
Portland, Maine 04112-4820

Deborah Carson, Director of Court Finance
Administrative Office of the Courts
P.O. Box 4820
Portland, Maine 04112-4820

Mary Ann Lynch, Esq.
Director of Court Information
Administrative Office of the Courts
P.O. Box 4820
Portland, Maine 04112-4820

Laura M. O'Hanlon, Esq.
Legal Analyst and Court Counsel
Maine Supreme Judicial Court
142 Federal Street
P.O. Box 368
Portland, Maine 04112-0368

Michael A. Coty, Director of Judicial Marshals
Administrative Office of the Courts
24 Stone Street, 2nd Floor
171 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04330

Jeff Henthorn
Director of Court Services and Programs
Administrative Office of the Courts
P.O. Box 328
Portland, ME 04112

Commissioner Ryan Low
Dept. of Administrative and Financial Services
78 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333-0078

Patrick Ende, Legal Counsel
Karla Black, Deputy Legal Counsel
Office of the Governor
1 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333-0001

The Honorable Elizabeth Mitchell
Majority Leader, Maine State Senate
277 Cushnoc Rd
Vassalboro, ME 04989

The Honorable David R. Hastings III
Maine State Senate
955 Main Street
Fryeburg, Maine 04037

The Honorable Barry Hobbins
Maine State Senate
22 Glenhaven Circle
Saco, Maine 04072

The Honorable Cynthia Dill
Maine House of Representatives
1227 Shore Road
Cape Elizabeth, Maine 04107

The Honorable Deborah L. Simpson
Maine House of Representatives
551 Turner Street
Auburn, Maine 04210

The Honorable Joshua Tardy
House Minority Leader
P. O. Box 381,
Newport, ME 04953

William Stokes
Deputy Attorney General
Office of the Attorney General
6 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333-0006


Mike Whipple
Maine Assoc. of Criminal Defense Lawyers
c/o The Hallett Law Firm,
36 Union Wharf,
PO Box 7508,
Portland, ME 04112

Robert Howe, Executive Director
Maine County Commissioners Association
11 Columbia Street
Augusta, Maine 04330

Amy Fowler, Secretary-Treasurer
Maine County Commissioners Association
P.O. Box 439
Unity, Maine 04988

Sheriff Todd Brackett
Lincoln County
22 Azalea Rd.
Nobleboro, Maine 04555

Chief Michael Emmons, President
Chiefs of Police Association
P.O. Box 2431
South Portland, Maine 04116-2431

C. Donald Briggs III, President
Maine Trial Lawyers Association
Briggs & Counsel
815 Commercial Street
Rockport, Maine 04856-4243

Peter B. LaFond, former President
Maine State Bar Association
Attorney General's Office
6 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333-0006

Meryl Troop,
Staff interpreter & Civil Rights Advocate
Maine Center on Deafness
68 Bishop St # 3
Portland, ME 04103
797-7656 xt 109