Grievance Procedure

Translated Versions of the Grievance Procedure: The documents below are in .pdf format. You will need the latest version of Adobe Reader to open the documents.

The Judicial Branch has adopted the Policy On Access For People With Disabilities. The following grievance procedure has been adopted to implement that section of the Policy addressing grievances.

Individuals have the right to file a grievance when they believe that the Judicial Branch or its employees have not complied with the provisions of the Policy or the Accommodations Request Procedure whereby access accommodations and/or auxiliary aids and services are to be provided.

A complaint should be in writing, and contain the name and address of the person filing it, and briefly describe the action or inaction that is being grieved. Please use this complaint form, and attach additional sheets if needed.

The complaint should be filed with the Access to Justice Coordinator, Administrative Office of the Courts, P.O. Box 4820, Portland, Maine 04112-4820. The complaint should be sent to the attention of the state court administrator. The Administrative Office of the Courts will provide writing assistance for persons unable to prepare their grievance because of a disability. Please call the Access to Justice Coordinator for assistance at (207) 822-0721.

The grievance should be filed within a reasonable time, generally within 15 days, after the person filing the complaint becomes aware of the action or inaction.

The Access to Justice Coordinator or designee shall conduct an investigation of the complaint in order to determine whether the grievant was treated in the manner required by the policy on Access For People With Disabilities. If upon investigation it is determined that an accommodation should be provided, the Access to Justice Coordinator shall take the necessary steps to provide the accommodation. TheAccess to Justice Coordinator shall issue a written statement of findings and action to be taken no later than 30 days after its filing.

Following the Judicial Branch grievance procedure does not impose any constraints on an individuals right to pursue other remedies, rights and procedures under local, state, or federal law.