Translated Court Forms and Documents

Arabic/ العربية

Standards of Professional Conduct for Interpreters Providing Services in Judicial Proceedings/معایﻳﯿﻴر†اﺍلسلوكﻙ†اﺍلمهني†للمترجمﯿ
Guidelines for Determination of Eligibility for Court-Appointed Interpretation and Translation Services/ معاییر†إرشادیة†بشأن†تحدید†أحقیة†الحصول†على†خدمات مترجم†فوري†أو†تحریري†تعینھ†المحكمة
First Steps in Protection from Abuse or Protection from Harassment Information/
Complaint for Protection from Abuse (PA-001)/ من سوء المعاملة دعوى حماية
Protection Order Service Information (PA-005)/ بيانات الإعلان بأمر الحماية
Complaint for Protection from Harassment (PA-006)/ من التحرش دعوى حماية
Defendant’s Motion (PA-010)/ طلب المدعي
Plaintiff’s Pre-Judgment Motion to Dismiss Complaint (PA-012)/ برد الدعوى الطلب السابق على الحكم من المدعي
Motion to Extend Order for Protection (PA-013)/ أمر الحماية طلب تمديد
Affidavit for Confidential Address/Telephone Number (PA-015)/ رقم تليفون سري عنوان سري
Summary Sheet (FM-002)/
Divorce Complaint With Children (FM-004)/
Divorce Complaint Without Children (FM-005)/
Complaint for Determination of Paternity, Parental Rights & Responsibilities, Child Support (FM-006)/
Family Matter Summons and Preliminary Injunction (FM-038)/
Child Support Worksheet (FM-040)/
Supplement Child Support Worksheet (FM-040A)/
Certificate in Lieu of Financial Statement (FM-042)/
Financial Statement (FM-043)/
Child Support Affidavit (FM-050)/
Federal Affidavit (FM-052)/
Certificate Regarding Real Estate (FM-056)/
Pro Se Divorce With Children Instructions (FM-080)/
Pro Se  Divorce Without Children (FM-081)/
Pro Se Parental Rights & Responsibilities Cases (FM-082)
Important Information Regarding Case Management Conference (FM-087)/
Social Security Confidential Disclosure Form (CV-CR-FM-PC-200)/
Acknowledgment of  Receipt of Summons and Complaint or Post-Judgment Motion (CV-036)/
Application to Proceed Without Payment of Fees (CV-067)/
Affidavit to Proceed Without Payment of Fees (CV-191)/
Divorce With Children Packet/
Divorce Without Children Packet/
Parental Rights & Responsibilities Packet/

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