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Thank you for visiting the Maine Judicial Branch Website. Please note that the Judicial Branch does not provide legal advice or interpret the law. If you need legal assistance, or are looking for information about the courts please review the information in the Citizen Help section of this website.

The following information must be obtained from your local trial court ( the court where your case or record was originally filed):

  • Divorce decree
  • Judgments
  • Information on a case

Criminal Records can be obtained through the State Bureau of Identification.

Anyone with questions about paying a traffic violation through PayTixx should call (207) 783-5422.

Questions or comments about this website may be may be emailed to the Judicial Branch webmaster by filling out the form below. Please note: The webmaster does not maintain or have access to court records. The webmaster can answer general questions about the website and cannot accept continuance requests, jury exemption requests, copy requests, or other official communications related to specific cases. If you have a specific request concerning a case that involves an action you need taken, please communicate via regular mail or call the Clerk of Court handling your case.

Emails to the webmaster will be answered within 7-10 business days. Note: We will not resend responses to anyone who blocks incoming messages or otherwise requires pre-approval for incoming email.

See also: How May We Help You? or Superior Court directory, District Court directory or the Administrative Office of the Courts Directory

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